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Empowering EV Fleets To Scale With Confidence
Energizing EV Fleets
Battery Smart is committed to supporting the swift expansion and utilization of electric vehicle fleets through its quick battery-swapping services.

This is important for various industries that rely on commercial fleets for their operations, such as delivery services, transportation, and logistics.

Our solutions are designed to help fleet operators save on costs through bulk onboarding of associated vehicles on Battery Smart’s network, enabling reduced operational downtime and better vehicle range.
Your Answer to Growing a Successful Delivery and Logistics EV Fleet
Scale Up Rapidly
while we take care of the energy needs of your fleets nationwide
Optimize Operations
eliminating vehicle downtime with quick 2-mins battery swapping
Reduce Costs
associated with procurement, upkeep, and charging of batteries
Powering Last-Mile Delivery
Global food delivery platforms such as Zomato have teamed up with us to champion environment-friendly last-mile deliveries. Such strategic partnerships open the door for delivery riders to transition to EVs without worrying about charging downtime by getting access to Battery Smart's dense network present nationwide.
On-Time Deliveries
Increased Earnings
Low Running Costs
Buy EV, Not Battery
Save Up to 50% Upfront Cost of Owning an EV with Battery Smart
Save Up to 50% Upfront Cost of Owning an EV with Battery Smart
Pay 50% less for your EV without Battery
Subscribe to Battery Smart Network
Get access to fully charged batteries simply by paying per swap
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